Types of Work Boots

If you work in certain industries, you’ll need special boots to keep you fully protected and safe against potential injury and accident. Numerous types of work boots exist to cater to this demand. No matter the industry you work in, there’s a pair of boots to accommodate your needs. Some of the styles of boots for work include:

  • Steel Toe Boots: Steel toe boots have reinforcement in the toes that protects feet from falling objects or other compression during the workday. Construction sites and factories oftentimes require workers to wear steel toe boots.
  • Composite Toe Boots: This boot style is similar to a steel toe boot, but doesn’t provide the same level of protection. The lightweight boots are constructed of plastic or carbon fibers for toe protection.
  • Electrical Hazard Boots: People working in the electrical field need special boots that reduce electrical fire injury and other potential risks when working in this sector. Non-conductive, conductive, and static dissipating electrical hazard boots are sold.
  • Oil-Resistant Boots: Oil-resistant boots are made with special uppers made of leather, have polyurethane soles, and durable glue lines. These boots are worn in areas where you are working around petroleum products. They’re made to withstand this product without damage.
  • Insulated: Another style of boot that you might need to wear to work is the insulated boot. This boot style provides added warmth and protection against snow and other elements. These boots are perfect for anyone who works outside or in other cold climate conditions.
  • Waterproof: Waterproof boots are made of waterproof leather and feature heavy-duty materials that keep feet dry and protected when working in wet environments.
  • Slip-Resistant: Slip-resistant boots are used in restaurants and many other industries to prevent employees from slipping and falling due to grease, water, etc. There are many slip resistant boot styles and the boots come in assorted price ranges.

How to Choose Your New Boots

The styles above are a few of the many that you can pick to help protect your feet when working in various conditions and elements. But, do not simply choose a pair based upon the type. Instead, look for new boots that will exceed expectations and search for a pair that offers comfort, style, and affordability, as well as high quality construction and durability. Spending a few minutes of time searching through the various choices of boots makes it much easier to find what you want and need in your boots. The following qualities are important to look for in your boots:

  • Material: The material the boot is constructed from is an important consideration before purchasing.
  • Comfort: If possible, try on the boots before you buy them. Knowing that your boots are comfortable is important because you’ll have them on your feet for a good portion of the day.
  • Price: Do not spend an arm and a leg on a pair of boots when many reasonably priced pairs are out there if you only take the time needed to find them. A little bit of research goes a long way!